Other Ways to Support Vatsalyagram

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Vatsalya Gram is an avantgarde alternative to women’s shelters and orphanages simply because this is the only facility in the world where underprivileged children and women of every age live together as families and form enduring relationships as parents and siblings – thus eliminating the very need for orphanages and homes for women. Each Vatsalya family comprises seven children, a mother, an aunt, and a grandmother living in the security of their own home. The women are conscientiously trained for their most important role, of parenting upto seven children per home. This unique arrangement gives children and women a sense of community, thus encouraging an emotional connection of love and trust without any distinction of caste, creed or race. In addition, every Vatsalya child is provided with quality education equipping them with life skills for a fuller and better life. This in turn gives them a purpose for living – to celebrate life in all its beautiful hues!
Your little contribution can go a long way in shaping bring and happy future for them.