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Health & Disability

Sick people who don’t receive care can’t work; they get poor or stay poor, and people who are poor are at higher risk of getting sick.

Breaking this vicious cycle is an enormously complex endeavor, which requires changes in many areas other than health services. But under any scenario, better access to health services is essential

The challenges we face in health and disability are complex. It requires an integrated framework and coherent approach with appropriate strategies executed by inspirational leadership to cater to this issue.

The idea is to provide easy access and treatment to the communities who are deprived or unaware of facilities to curb health hazards
Every single year for almost a decade, PSP conducts free health camps (cataract, polio, dental) at VatsalyaGram exclusively for the impoverished members of the community and poorest of the poor. PSP’s unique community health initiatives focus directly on communities that face limited or no access to quality healthcare and/or other socio-economic issues.

Our Charitable projects are designed and developed to provide care as well as awareness to the needy people in India, where there is no or minimum access to health care.