Ongoing Projects

Vatsalya Gram – Vrindavan

Our flagship program, conceptualized by our President, uniquely dovetails 3 different welfare schemes in a manner that conclusively meets the physical, social & psychological needs of all the target groups viz., orphan/abandoned children, destitute women and the aged.

Vatsalyagram – Omkareshwar

The second of the VatsalyaGrams at Omkareshwar in the state of M.P. exclusively serves backward tribal girls to help them be part of the mainstream society. As on date 400 tribal girls are staying at this VatsalyaGram and obtaining quality formal education in the residential

Vatsalyagram – Sijai

The third of the VatsalyaGrams at Sijai in the state of M.P. exclusively serves backward children coming from BPL (Below Poverty Line) families. As on date 200 children of the poorest of-the-poor are obtaining quality formal education in the School Samvid Gurukulam.

Vatsalyagram – Solan

VatsalyaGram – Nalgarh, located in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh is a project endeavoured by Yug Chetna Vatsalya Peeth (YCVP). This is a replication of the Vatsalya Gram township in Vrindavan and will have similar facilities such as in the Vrindavan project.

Vatsalyagram – Rudraprayag

Param Shakti Peeth was one of the many humanitarian organizations that responded to the Uttarakhand tragedy of June-2013, however, is among the very few ones who are still working in the disaster-affected region. And from the very beginning, PSP’s intent was (and still remains)

Vatsalyagram – Barmer

Situated in south-west Rajasthan, Barmeris the potpourri of language, ethnicity and attire. What one fails to realise is that despite of having a rich heritage and culture, access to education is still a distant dream