Vatsalya Gram - Vrindavan

Our flagship program, conceptualized by our President, uniquely dovetails 3 different welfare schemes in a manner that conclusively meets the physical, social & psychological needs of all the target groups viz., orphan/abandoned children, destitute women and the aged. The beneficiaries, otherwise coming from different backgrounds, caste and ethnicity, are broughttogether and raised as close-knit families (Vatsalya Parivar). The 52-acre Vatsalya Gram campus at Vrindavan offers a full range of critical network of support starting from Shelter & Sustenance,Education (for children; up to Sr. Secondary level), Healthcare (a mix of modern medicine andtraditional therapy), Literacy & Vocational Training (for girls & women) and other need-basedworks aimed at reducing the daily struggle of the program beneficiaries and nurture them as aresilient community with the overarching goal of their participation in the nation’s economicprocess.

The facilities at the Vrindavan Campus are :

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