Along with the importance of dharma is the importance of wealth in life. Without resources & wealth life is incomplete in that ones abilities are not fully utilized. India is still in the list of developing countries as many citizens are very poor due to lack of resources and skills. This is especially true for women who are typically limited within the threshold of the house. Didi Maa believes that Matrishakti, the power of women, should be financially self-dependent so their self-respect is maintained.

“Udyamita” Cottage Industry and Vocational Training Center
“Udyamita” – a cottage industry and vocational training center of Vatsalya Gram, Vrindavan is a place where women are trained through professional courses so that they can attain self-entrepreneurship and contribute to the family income. The main objective of this center is to provide training for domestic industry, cottage industry and other production based technologies.

Vatsalya Vocational Training Community College
Through the inspiration of Revered Didi Maa Sadhvi Ritambhara Ji, Param Shakti Peeth has established Vatsalya Vocational Community College in a backward area of East Delhi. The college has been successful in making opportunities of employment available to many students which has enabled them to stand on their own feet. This center, known as Swami Paramananda Vatsalaya Mandir, is active in the form of a cradle house and shelter for abandoned children as well as serving as a vocational training center for underprivileged women. Hundreds of students are enjoying self-dependence through self-employment after completion of various certificate courses. The vocational training college is accredited by the Indira Gandhi National Open University.