How Are We Different


In a society, where an orphan child is considered an exclusion from the mainstream, Vatsalya Gram tries to bring up disadvantaged children in a manner which allows them to become a part of the mainstream. More than anything else, Vatsalya Gram is an endeavour to allow two unfortunate souls to come into proximity of each other. In this close proximity, they can reach out to each other and receive the support that each of them requires.

Vatsalya Gram is a set of families and not an orphanage. With each new addition to the family, there is a celebration of a new miracle of life, just as it would have been if the child was born into a family. Vatsalya Gram is one of the few institutions of its kind in the country, where children are treated both with love and respect. Each person residing in Vatsalya Gram, is a valuable member of the family.

Vatsalya Gram cherishes the concept of a family. There are separate household units replete with a mother, grandmother, maternal aunts and children. Each of these families functions as an independent unit and also as a co dependent societal structure. The children are given a firm grounding of the Indian culture and are exposed to all the rituals and ceremonies followed in a traditional Indian household. Right from the mundane ceremony to the birthday celebrations of the children, each family in Vatsalya Gram follows the traditional rituals of the ideal Indian family.

Here, normalcy in the day to day activities is encouraged. Like a small resident township, children go to school, do their homework, play with their brothers and sisters and are loved by their mothers, aunts and grandmothers.