Maa Bhagwati Temple

Oh, the Goddess that stays in every being in the form of power,

so many humble obeisance to Thee.

Maa Bhagawati is the real power of the universe. The world emerges from Her and vanishes in to Her. Her manifestation is seen in every soul.

Original power or strength of Vatsalya Gram, Vrindavan is “Maa Sarvamangala” (the Mother Who is propitious to all) and for construction of Her temple that Revered Didi Maa Sadhvi Ritambharaji has been making special penance for last six years by keeping away from regular food i.e. grains, pulses, etc. Her vow is that she would take regular food only when Maa Sarvamangala adores in a splendid temple at Vatsalya Gram, Vrindavan. Incessant efforts made by Revered Didi Maa for the service to humanity are all known to us. She is the epitome of the Mother Herself. It is our responsibility to complete the construction of this splendid temple by concerted efforts so that penance of Revered Didi Maa is over and she could take regular food.

Temple of Maa Bhagawati would be a spectacular piece of sculptural art.

Three states of human mind — Raj (related to inclination for worldly comforts), Tam (related to lowly and mean mindset) and Sat (related to noble and pious condition) would be exhibited on ceilings under which would be situated a beautiful temple of Maa Sarvamangala

Supported on only four corners these three ceilings would be an unparalleled example of expanded sculpture. 30 feet above the ground there would be sitting arrangements for 2500 people.

Under the sitting arena of the temple, an exhibition on memorable glories of Indian history would be arranged in 40000 square feet with the help of advanced technology.

Gardens surrounding the temple would create a beatific atmosphere for the darshan ofMaa Sarvamangala.

let us be fortunate to be the host of this landmark temple so that during the Pranpratishtha Mahotsav (festival of establishment of the deity) we can join with family.