Cows are a gift from God to mankind who from birth to death are an asset to our species. All that comes out of their bodies are salubrious to human health.

Scientific researches have proven that the best nutrition for a child is available in mother’s milk and cow’s milk is next to it. Scientific research by many groups show that cows urine is very effective as a medicine for numerous ailments. Agriculture is also extremely benefitted by using cow dung as opposed to the chemical fertilizers that are well known to have numerous ill effects on the health of all species. The use of cows milk, urine and dung are not only good for the mankind but are essential for the preservation of our environment.

It’s significance is also considerable even from the national economy point of view. National income can be enhanced by producing medicines and objects of daily use from Panchgavya (the five gifts from mother cow – milk, curd, ghee, urine and dung).

It is a matter of sorrow that cows are slaughtered on large scale in our country. A nationwide movement is run by Param Shakti Peeth for the protection and enhancement of cow species. The plan is to establish well arranged Goshalas, like our present ones at Vatsalya Gram, Vrindavan and Omkareshwar, in every state of India.