The wild race for materialistic accomplishments has affected human lifestyles to a great extent. Human beings contract various ailments day in and day out. The main reason is mental stress that seriously affects the body and mind. It not only results in depression but also disturbs the functioning of the muscular and nervous system which eventually leads to high or low blood pressure which can result in ill-functioning vital organs of the body.

Our ancient Indian civilization shows an easy way to health through yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, penance, discourses and diet control. Revered Didi Maa has been constantly addressing the importance of stress-free and healthy living through lectures, Spiritual Discourses, Kathas, Mass Education and Meditation camps.

Revered Didi Maa believes that one can keep healthy by developing a positive attitude and practicing yoga. Beyond that there is still a need for common people to have an economical yet effective medical system. Param Shakti Peeth has put her idea in practice. Ultra modern medical facilities are available at Vatsalya Gram, Vrindavan in the form of G.D. Bansal Swasti Hospital, Premvati Gupta Eye Hospital and Kala Daryanmal Sadarangani Naturopathy Center.