In many remote regions of India, the light of education and knowledge has not shown even today. Didi Maa thinks that many tribes that have remained backward in the race of development should be brought into the light and has pledged to make efforts to do so. Large masses are migrating to urban areas in search of employment and population pressure is increasing on cities.Government have been focusing only on the development of cities while development of villages is tardy.

  • Villages of India are the fulcrum of the economy of the nation and therefore Param Shakti Peeth has initiatedthe movement ‘Vatsalya Ganga’ with an objective to keep villagers engaged in agriculture. Volunteers of Vatsalya Ganga will move from village to village to awaken people so that our deteriorating environment and water resources can be preserved. Efforts to promote co-operative farming are high on the agenda of the Vatsalya Ganga movement.
  • Youth can participate in Vatsalya Ganga and contribute to our nation’s health. For this, they are required to undergo a nine month course at Vatsalya Gram. Thereafter with a vow of celibacy they would be deputed to different parts of India as per need. Through such devoted youth, educational and health centers would be established in tribal regions to spread ancient Indian values coupled with