Vatsalya Gram, Vrindavan, hosted a delegation of academicians under the ‘Student Exchange Program’ from Newtown High School, Connecticut, USA.The group included Sir Kimberly, Timothy, Sara Chau, Sussane McKennel, and Reena.All the members were heartily welcomed on their arrival.

According to Mr. Shishupal Singh, Education Director of Samvid Gurukulam Senior Secondary School, the team members observed physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and computer labs along with classes of the school on 4th September. On the following day, the foreign visitors enjoyed Teachers’ Day celebration at the Maa Kalawati Palayam Auditorium. During the celebration, the guests addressed girl students and delivered some really inspirational speeches.
On September 6, the guests were a part of splendid activities by students in sports, art and craft, yoga, music, dance, orchestra and horse riding.
On the evening of 7th September, the farewell ceremony for the delegation was held in an emotional atmosphere amidst spectacular performances of students. The entire school family, including Mr. Sanjay Bhaiyaji, Mr. Lalit Kishore Mittal, Ms. Suman ji, Smt. Preeti Mehra participated in the event. Pujya Didi Maa Ji honored all the guests.