To meet the needs of children with pronounced disabilities, a school in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, is performing yeoman service by addressing their basic educational requirements.
A growing number of parents who have children who are either physically, mentally or visually challenged are opting for Vaishishtyam, a special school set up by the Param Shakti Peeth at Vatsalyagram in Vrindavan, which is run and managed by Sadhvi Rithambra.At present, more than 70 children, most of them belonging to poor families, are being home-schooled free of cost and are being provided transport from their homes to the school and back as well.
This institution has created support groups and a specialized curriculum to meet the specific requirements of these children. These kids are also being provided free uniforms, books, and teaching material.
Vaishishtyam has also launched a project focused on the latest approaches to be adopted by kindergarten teachers when working with autistic children. The school has sufficient educational assistants, access to specialized services and follows an individualized education plan for each child.
Vaishishtyam is a charitable day and boarding school serving children of different age groups suffering from autism spectrum disorder, speech and language impairments, vision and hearing impairments, Downs Syndrome and multiple other disabilities. Most of the students have challenging behaviors that interfere with their academic progress at school as well their home life.
Vaishishtyam is working on building an inclusive school that is open to children with disabilities, through play and the creation of free support services for disadvantaged families.