PSP was amongst the first humanitarian organization that responded to the Uttarakhand tragedy of June-2013.

In view of the catastrophe at Uttarakhand and the resulting devastation, and as part of its commitment towards the communities, PSP had started a comprehensive 3-phase `Relief-Rehabilitation-Development Program’ in the state. A base-camp was set up and a dedicated team was created to alleviate the sufferings of the local inhabitants, help them overcome the loss & trauma and then restore normalcy in their lives and the region.

The RRD Program has reached its consolidation stage with 2 Shelter Homes established in the state (at Ukhimath& Fata) serving as a loving abode to the children who lost their parents / guardians in the June-2013 (and previous) catastrophe.

Eleven (11) Vocational Training Centres established across the same number of villages are now imparting skills around Tailoring & Stitching to more than 500 women & young girls. The latest Sewing Machines and other tools have been supplied at each of these centres together with the raw material & other inputs, and which are replenished on need basis.